14 June 2013

The Princess and the Frog

You love the park and if asked what you would like to do, you are almost certain to say, “go to the park”.  It was such a lovely sunny day that we decided to take your very cool Radio Flyer Tricycle out for a spin.  I tried to get a photo but you just kept zooming past me laughing that I couldn’t catch up.  An old couple sitting eating ice cream was watching you play and they said to me that it was so refreshing to see a little girl actually dressed like a little girl.  If they could only see you after a day at nursery!   You usually look like you’ve been down a mine or got a job as a chimney sweep.

It’s hard work having fun, I thought you maybe needed to have a break from the sun and get some ice cream, another of your favourite things.  The park is being renovated just now so the café is closed for the time being, but the council made sure that an outdoor ice-cream stand was renovated before the cafe.  It’s a great little shop selling not only ice cream but also some light refreshments and they have a decked area just out the front with tables and chairs so you can bask in the sun and soak up the atmosphere.  I noticed there were holders for sun umbrellas, which made me laugh, as we don’t get that much sun here.  There’s even a dog water bowl and free dog biscuits!    I asked what kind of ice cream you wanted and you shouted “white”.  Nanny lifted you up so you could decide what ice cream you were going to have but you couldn’t decide.  The man said he would let you taste some different flavours so you could make up your mind.  First you picked a raspberry colour, when you tasted it you wasn’t too sure.  The man said it’s probably because it’s more of a sorbet.  Next you tried some banana ice cream which also had mini marshmallows through it.  You liked it and that was the one for on your cone.  When the man handed you the ice cream you shouted, “yuk, I don’t want that bits on it”.

Afterwards we went for a walk to the opposite end of the park so you could cycle and then just as we set off, out the corner of my eye I spotted some Bluebells.  On closer inspection there was a little patch of them hiding behind some trees; every cloud has a silver lining!  You see, us photo junkies seem to have a radar for certain things at certain times of the year.  I was hoping to take photos of you in some woods just outside the town we stay but Mummy’s friend said they didn’t really come to anything this year, which was disappointing.  I’m still trying to use my manual settings for my camera since doing my film photography last term and I have to say it’s a life long learning experience. 

We parked the bike up and got beside the Bluebells, I get so excited I’m like a kid. Just as you popped your bottom down you let out this loud screech.  Our trusty assistant Nanny shouted, “it’s a FROG”, and scooped it up into her hands.  I really thought I wasn’t going to manage to take a photo quick enough because it was going to jump out her hand.  It didn’t…….but it did pee on her hand; I bet it was terrified.  Nanny told you that she would put it in your hand, you wasn’t that keen to start with but after a few seconds you warmed to your little froggy friend.  The next day you was telling anyone that would listen that you found and Frog and it peed on Nanny’s hand. 

We did eventually get to the opposite end of the park.  This time there was an abundance of Daisies but by this time you wasn’t really interested in “mamarazzi mamma’s” picture taking.  The sun was beaming down and I must say I was struggling with my manual settings again.  My trusty assistant was trying out another tactic to get you to sit still long enough to get a photo taken but it was proving difficult.  In the end Nanny lifted you onto a tree branch where you hung out like the monkey you are.

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