29 December 2013

Letter to Daisy - The Wonders of the World

I almost forgot it was the last Sunday of the month!  This is just a quick blog I've pulled out of nowhere.  

My Miracle Flower,

I got chatting to one of the guys from one of my photography classes a few weeks ago when we all went out for dinner.  He’s a really interesting man with loads of stories about places he’s been over the years, I guess he travels a lot with work.

He spoke about trips to New York, watching baseball games in the rain and drinking in the old under ground bars like in the film the Great Gatsby.  There was also a story about him getting in trouble for reading his paper in the hotel bar because BB King was about to perform and how he realised near the end of the show that he was the only white guy in the room.  He got up and said in his Welsh accent, well that was bloody brilliant that.  Best show I’ve ever been too!  Then this old guy said, "you think that was good, I could take you somewhere better".  So, the guy left the hotel with this man, his wife and two grown up daughters and just got in their car to be taken to somewhere that was better than BB King.  I was sitting beside one of the guys from my class last year and I think we were like two little sponges sucking up all these tales of adventure.  We said, did you not worry about getting into some random persons car that you didn’t know.  He said I’m hardly gonna get murdered by a sixty year old man that’s out with his wife and two grow-up daughters for the evening.  He said it was the best night out he'd ever had, yes better than BB King.  He was out with that family until 3am and the old man dropped him back off at his hotel as he said he would.

It got me thinking about travelling.  I’ve not really been to any “wonders of the world” type holidays but after that chance meeting with the man from Wales.  I think this is something I need to start doing and soon!  The Spanish holidays have been done so many times and I’m not knocking them, but wouldn’t it be nice to really travel.  To go to places and be amazed at how different they are to where you stay.  I’d love go back to Paris, it’s been a long time since I was there and I would love to take you to New York when you're a bit older.

If I can’t go myself, Daisy I hope you will travel to all these interesting places and think of me and the man from Wales.

Some old photos from 2011

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