11 February 2014

The MAD Blog Awards 2014

The countdown has started for nominations to the MAD Blog Awards 2014.  It’s now your opportunity to put forward the names of your favourite parent bloggers.  You don’t have much time so you need to act NOW.  The prizes for winners are nominal, but for the people that put their heart and souls into these blogs, money is irrelevant and satisfaction and pride are the prizes here. 

What are the MAD BLOG AWARDS, well at first I thought it was awards for mad people that blogged.  I laughed to myself and thought, oh that's me, but after reading some of the previous winners I thought that maybe I wasn’t actually that mad.  I mean, I do find it odd telling the world what is going on in my life.  Something’s you want to keep private but I do want my readers to understand the whole picture and feel like they really understand what I'm writing about.  I still want to be able to walk to the local shops with my head held high.  I think I can

If you asked me about blogging four years ago I wouldn’t have had a clue about it.  I guess I’ve become more aware of blogging due to moving around in Photography circles and it was one of my photographer friends that suggested I go ahead and do it.  She purchased my blog for me as a gift and I was given a boot up the backside to get it started.  I told her I had thought about it a few years previous and my husband had one of his “friends” lined up to build it for me.  It didn’t feel right though, gut instincts prevailed and I decided this person was not going to have anything to do with it.

I started out in June last year, not really knowing where the blogging would take me. I have been using it as a form of therapy at times because I find it incredibly difficult to get my point out there without getting caught up in the emotions of what I’m talking about and what it actually feels like to be dealing with certain situations.  I can start to cry watching TV or when my mind just goes off in a tangent thinking about the most random things.  Sometimes you just need an outlet to offload things that need to be said.  When I write it all down, it feels rational.  I don’t get as carried away as I would if I was trying to tell someone how I feel face to face.  I often find it difficult to stick to the subject in mind and I always end up rambling and forgetting what I am meaning.  With blogging, my thought process becomes clinical and I feel like the things I’ve written about don’t take up room in my head anymore. 

So, now it's over to you and this is what you have to do.  Click on the link Vote for Me and copy and paste this URL http://dream-of-daisy.blogspot.co.uk into the blog categories you think suit my blogging style and subject.  Easy peasy lemon squeezey.  Maybe we can cheer up my little grumpy girl with a trip to London if I make the finals!

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