29 September 2013

Letter to Daisy - Life Lemons

I’ve been super busy this weekend helping organise my brother’s surprise birthday party with team M&M; that’s his best boyfriend and the GF of course! Daisy is not too keen on Uncle D having a girlfriend and recently she has been horrified at the fact.  She tells me SHE is Uncle D’s girlfriend!  It’s been busy busy busy over the past 48hrs and I must say we did a great job, Uncle D was a very happy boy.  Just a short letter this month as I think I’m still in need of some sleep!

My Miracle Flower,

You are going to be 4 soon! I can’t quite believe it.  It took so long to get you and now you are almost FOUR.  My regrets for the past year would have to be not taking as much pictures of you as I would have liked.  My hopes and dreams for the coming year is to change this.  Maybe I’m just trying to give you a break as I can have my camera out like I’m part of the paparazzi chasing a super star.  You’re my wee super star and I guess I just want to have lots of memories of the fun stuff, because we have lots of fun together and when we do, we do it in style!  High tea in five star hotels is good, but travelling on Thomas the Tank engine is a bit of an adventure right?  

You see life is precious. Your life is precious to me, partly because of the way in which you were brought into the world and the struggles faced to get you.  My life is precious because of the struggles I have to stay in the world with you.  We have a lot in common you and me.  I loved you from the moment I saw you and you are my favourite girl.  I do wish I could have more patience at times.  You are a bright little girl and you know what you want but because you are young you get frustrated quite easily.  I know exactly how you feel because I am that person too.  I want everything done yesterday.  When I was at school I was told I needed to work on my tolerance of others and I’m still working on it. 

We’ve had to deal with some more changes this year and sometimes I’m not so sure how you’ve coped and I hope there’s no long term damage, but our new life is definitely better.  Many years ago a colleague made comment that, no matter what happens I will always come up smelling of roses.  He was right you know, I think he was trying to make a derogatory comment but I laughed with the knowledge that he was a fool. 

The moral of the story - When life gives you Lemons, make Lemonade!

Goofing about when Mummy is trying to take a serious picture!

Boarding the train with GG

Looking at Thomas close up

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