27 October 2013

Letter to Daisy - Girl's Got Guts

We went on a bit of a road trip for a few days over the holidays and it got me thinking about Gut Instincts, because I didn't seem to have any when it came to navigation!  I left the sat nav at home, I knew it was wrong but I ignored the voice in my head saying go back in the house and get it. Struggling with the crappy signal and google maps on my phone we got to where we needed to be in the end, but life could've been so much easier.

My Miracle Flower,

Gut instinct is a thing you should never ignore and it’s helped me out on countless occasions.  It’s called gut instinct because of the feeling you get at the pit of your stomach that makes you feel a little queasy, like you could be sick.  I’ve been told that some of my voiced instincts are like a sixth sense, almost likened with Witch Craft! Of course, that is a piece of nonsense.  I actually struggle with gut instincts and think at times they are non-existent in me or maybe it’s that I am unable to read them correctly.  Although it’s helped me in many situations, it’s equally caused me trouble.  If I had managed to read the signs correctly in tricky situations, it may have saved me a considerable amount of time and energy with people who were frankly not worth bothering about.  What I’m saying is, it’s easy to ignore that feelings that we all have when something seems a bit odd.  The consequence of not listening to your gut may be that you end up experiencing another feeling, called Regret!

Gut instinct can be used in many areas of your life, e.g. health, wealth, travel, work and relationships.  Some people may experience bad health, however the signs are maybe not there to justify a trip to the doctor, but there are certain types of people out there that would just know something is wrong and will take themselves to the doctors anyway.   I bet if those people who ended up in their doctors surgery listening to some bad news looked back, would they manage to pin point the actual time they maybe should have acted; who knows.  Did their gut tell them something was wrong and did they perhaps ignore it.  I believe that there are always clues around us to support gut instinct and this is why you should face problems head on and not stick your head in the sand.  Just because you ignore a problem, it won't make it go away. 

I’ve experienced similar feelings with relationships and know I’ve disregarded important gut feelings and acted on wrong ones because I’ve let emotion cloud my judgement.  The hardest decision you will ever make is whether to walk away or try harder.  Everyone has to make their own mistakes in life, I agree, this is how we learn.  Remember this though; nothing you do will ever be so bad that it can’t be fixed.  There is always a way and yes it might be hard but I will help you.  As you get older the mistakes you make can sometimes have catastrophic consequences, so listen to your Mother, sometimes you just have to trust us old people because we’ve been there before and have made similar mistakes.