24 November 2013

Letter to Daisy - Happy Birthday

It’s your birthday in the next few days and instead of my usual advice for the future, I thought I’d record what you are like just now.  Hopefully so that you can look back on this time and laugh that your craziness started early and that as well as behaviour being learnt, it can also be genetic.

My Miracle Flower,

Well my baby, you are about to turn FOUR and it feels like a lifetime ago that you were that, a baby.  I wish I could have some of those precious moments back because they pass so quick and it seems that in the blink of an eye, life can change forever.  I am so glad I have videos of you as a baby that I can look back on; those early videos are even more precious to me than the photos I have taken and collected over the past four years.  Although at times you can be hard work, I love the strength of your personality and I find it really funny how similar we are.  I still dress you, yes I know some people will think it’s bad and that I should be encouraging independence.  I always feel a little awkward when mums at nursery are instructing their children to change into their indoor shoes all by themselves and I am doing yours as you sit nattering about what you’ve been doing that morning, but I don’t care.  I grew up being very independent but you know what, it’s nice to get things done for you and I want to do it.  Recently we watched some home movies of me when I was your age and we’re like two peas in a pod.  Like me you are a creature of habit and do not like change.  There are times when I think you’re verging on having OCD and an example of this would be on how I prepare bread and butter for you.  You eat a lot of bread and butter and would probably be quite happy if that’s all you had to eat ever again.  That’s why I always buy a healthy Low GI bread from our local baker JG Ross, at a cost of just over £2.  Two pounds for a loaf of bread I hear you say, yes I know it’s rather expensive but I promise you it’s the best bread ever!  Anyway, I must spread the butter evenly and to the edge of each crust.  I then ask if you would like the bread folded, you reply yes.  Then I mark the butter with my knife, down the middle of the slice and hold the knife in the bread as I fold over with the other hand.  If I do this in any other order or if I go to fast without asking the question “do you want it folded” or heaven forbid I cut the bread in half, all hell will break loose!  Other foods you like just now are sausages, pasta and anything chocolate.  You like to drink hot chocolate all the time AND you like it in a baby bottle!

You have a few key dislikes, one of which is getting your hair washed.  Every time a bath is suggested you ask the question “are you going to wash my hair” and it’s clear you are relieved when I say no.  You are also equally upset with the prospect of getting your hair brushed or teeth cleaned.  I’ve taken note and bought a special Tangle Teaser brush for the hair and I have resorted to making the teeth brushing a race.  With your competitive spirit, it rarely fails and I tell you that your teeth are so shiny that I need my sunglasses on; works wonders.  You hate having long sleeves and insist on all sleeves on all long tops, to be rolled up.  Completely ridiculous at times, but that's you.  I know people wont believe it but it really is a struggle to get photos with my very own model, you don’t have a lot of patience in front of the camera and you were only keen on the birthday photos with the promise of a new toy afterwards!  The last one, you don’t do early breakfast but I can understand that as I too rarely eat breakfast.

You have quite an active social life, Ballet class is once a week and you love getting dressed up and playing with the girls in your class.  The teacher is so lovely and you often hold her hand wanting her to be your partner during class.  You started Kinder gym when you were 18-months old and now you are in the next class up called Gym Joey,  these classes are specifically designed as a  stepping-stone into the world of Gymnastics.  Nursery takes up a lot of your week and it’s hard for you to adapt because you still go to two different ones.  “Normal nursery” is very relaxed, you cuddle the staff, go out for walks and play with friends.  Your best friend is called Ewan, a loving little boy who is eagerly waiting your arrival on the only day of the week where you are both in together.  The staff without a doubt will report back that you two were inseparable all afternoon.   I really hope you don't lose contact with him when you go to school next year.  School nursery is fairly strict and you find it hard to understand why the school nursery teachers are not so keen to give hugs.  You tell me at least once a week that your friend here is Lily and that she often makes a picture for you.  You both held each other’s hands when you performed nursery rhymes in front of the parents earlier this month as part of a challenge for Children in Need.

You don’t ask for many things, in fact your favourite toy is a supermarket Nativity set that cost five pounds.  You love a bit of role-play and so Mary and Joseph are more commonly known as the Mummy and Daddy.  I don’t tend to buy lots of toys throughout the year so Christmas and birthday’s is the times where we stock up.  We haven’t talked much about what you would like to get for your birthday.  When mummy asks what you’d like, you say, a Fairy fly and a scooter (ones with two wheels at the front).  You like a good story and this is where Daddy comes in, he’s full of stories!  I think you get your imagination from him.  You go through phases with books, we have a whole bookcase full of them and your chaise longue is right beside it, it’s like our own little library corner!  Your favourite song is "what does the fox say" and you also like Miley Cyrus's song "wrecking ball", completely inappropriate!

Daisy you are a fun loving child and people wont forget you easily.  You’re a real character and a great sense of humour is yet to fully develop, but it’s coming.  We were falling about laughing “Peppa Pig style” when you tried to introduce my Mum and Dad to each other; like they’ve never met.  You said “nanny, this is my Granda, have you met him before”?

Happy Birthday,



Video from the archives