14 December 2016


Last year I decided to get some photos of Daisy since I hadn't really done any after leaving college.  I thought it would also be a good opportunity to get a few of us together as we don't have any.  

I met Sarah online in the my love my life blogging circle I was part of a few years ago.  We would all write a blog about our children each month, usually covering a particular topic.  It was good to see how everyone interpreted it.  Then we linked our posts to each other so readers would see all the posts one after the other.   The stories were great and you got to admire the different styles of photography each person contributed.  I always thought Sarah's pictures were cool; such artistic shots of everyday life.  I was particularly interested in her black and white photography, something I felt I rarely got right. 

I booked a session in October last year and then started shopping for some clothes for the photos.  Trying to think what would look best in monochrome is tricky.  I wanted a classic look, so didn't go for any crazy patterns.  I was also worried that having a bit of photography experience if I showed up in something wrong she would be thinking, "what the hell".  Of course she wouldn't have because she's lovely.  Saying that, you have to put some thought in if you are going to invest in good portraiture. Classic looks are timeless. 

I later regretted booking a 10am slot as I set my alarm for 6am. You see I take ages to get ready.  I'm slow due to energy levels and I have medical treatments to do in the morning.  The studio is in Banchory so you've got to allow for driving there. PLUS, I have the slowest kid in the world who takes about 40 minutes to eat cereal! Seriously. 

The session was good.  I felt relaxed, Daisy played along for the most part.  When Sarah got her to make funny faces I thought oh my god, she's going do this for the whole session now.  Afterwards we had a nice lunch in Mains of Drum and like everyone else I wondered, when will I get the photos! 

I waited patiently for my gallery.  I didn't email asking when my photos were going to be ready, which is so not cool in Photography land.  There was definitely some anticipation brewing.  I wondered if I'd have a double chin or my dodgy eye would be obvious or if I'd look knackered since I was up so early.  And yes, I had all these things but I wasn't even bothered.  It’s difficult to describe that feeling when your gallery notification pings into your email.  It’s a bit like waking up on your birthday realising, it’s presents day! You make a dive for the desktop and get ready to do some happy claps…..or is that just me?

I looked over and over my gallery trying to narrow the images down.  I always wanted one or two more than was in every package. There was a different favourite each time I looked, a different one I imagined as a large wall print.  The only way forward for me was to purchase my whole gallery of images and I'm glad I did.  

So people, go get yourself some family photos.  Yes it can feel weird.  You worry what you'll look like, but your family won't see the insecurities that you do.  They'll see the people they love.

All images © Sarah Ferry Photography