14 February 2017

The Valentine's Poem

Now a slightly different style of creative writing for me.  I knocked up, (excuse the pun) this over the past two days.  It's a fingers up to the sweep it under the carpet brigade, the ones who call you dramatic for voicing your opinions.  Society can have us feeling gagged.  We cannot express feelings for fear of looking desperate.  It takes guts to speak out.  Do not fear the people that want to verbally gag you, for they are the fearful ones.  Your thoughts?

♡ My valentine's Poem 

Fuck you for being the poison that broke me
I screamed like a banshee when I learned of the new family
Words failed me
Fuck you for making me feel completely worthless
For thinking only of yourself
Isn't it sad you were so jealous

I was lied to and disrespected
The anger was not as you expected
Fuck you for turning a blind eye
Fuck you for being disconnected
And thinking your child is bloody perfect

Fuck you for repeating history; breaking up our family
For having some fun
For thinking you can just make another one
Fuck you for looking me in the eye, and saying I'm imagining it
For insinuating I'm a lunatic

Fuck your ability to move on from the trouble and strife
While I try to hold together the old life
Fuck you for not thinking about our feelings
Fuck you for the abrupt ending
And for your pretending
Fuck you for taunting me with your future
Shared hopes and dreams of the past
How long will it last

I felt pain for your happiness
I had to endure misfortune for your perfectness
I suffered the mistakes to spare you the headaches
Now I feel an imminent proposal
Salt in the wounds it's completely delusional
How many times is that now?
What why and how
But the cruelest thing of all,
Is being made to believe I,
Was the Belle of the ball.

I will be spending my Valentines day with this little lady.  She's had her eye on a bouquet of Red Roses for a few weeks, so that's what I got her, along with the cooked breakfast and the mornings papers (kids mags).  She will be a happy kiddo!  Me? Pass the Lucozade. x

©Sarah Ferry Photography